Surface Dressing

‘Tar and Chip’

Tar and Chip – Hot Tar Spray Surface Dressing

Surface Dressing, also known as ‘Tar and Chip’ can be a cost effective way to rejuvenate and transform an old Tarmac or concrete surface. The process involves coating the existing surface using a hot spray appled liquid bitumen, then dressing with stone. Modern bitumen formulations contain various strengthening agents – Polymers that greatly increase durability and longevity.

Commonly used as a dressing for driveways, surface dressing is also suitable to give a ‘rural’ feel to pathways and private roads.
Different aggregates can be used to suit different applications. A washed 6mm golden gravel is ideal for domestic drives and paths, whereas grey granite chips of a larger diameter may be used to resurface car parks and public highways. 

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Examples of surface dressing