Pothole Repairs

and Essential Repairs

We believe in doing our Pothole repairs the right way and are always done to the highest standard. It’s is false economy to repair the same areas twice – if it’s done correctly the repair will last many years.

Our repairs to pot holes are cut and excavated neatly, a clean vertical edge is formed to contain and support the new surface and a bitumen Tac coat primer is applied inside the excavation. We seal all joints of our pot holed repairs with a hot applied bitumen joint sealer which stops water penetration and keeps it protected from the harsh elements. This method of our repairs is not only more durable and long lasting and value for money, cosmetically it looks a lot neater joints that blend in.

Advise / Solutions
If a surface has cracks or generally showing a rough open textured look it is inevitable that these areas will eventually break up or become pot holed. It’s better to get the areas repaired early, its it’s less expensive and helps protect the rest of the surface/surfaces from further unnecessary damage.

We provide Pothole repairs in most of Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, the Thames Valley and the South of England


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Pot hole repair

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