Mastertint Ulticolour Manufactured by Tarmac Ltd

Mastertint Ulticolour is the name of Tarmac ltd's specialised coloured Tarmac range.

It's an aesthetically pleasing paving material that can enhance any domestic or industrial asphalt project. All colours are available including green and blue Tarmac, typically used for sports applications such as Tennis Courts with red or natural stone coloured Tarmac more commonly used as a paving material for domestic driveways or local authority footpaths.

Euro Surfacing Contractors Ltd (ESC) has received full training and successfully achieved accreditation for laying the following product from the Masters in Asphalt range - 'Mastertint'

Tarmac Mastertint Asphalt Approved Contractor.jpg

ESC - Euro Surfacing Contractors - Approved Ulticolour Asphalt Contractor Certificate issued by Tarmac Ltd.

Mastertint Ulticolour Product Information:

Mastertint Ulticolour Information

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For more information about coloured Tarmac contact ESC Surfacing Contractors - 0800 840 2112