• Block Paver Driveway Edging
    Paver Blocks

    The versitility of paver blocks can help to create an attractive border to driveways and paths of any size and shape.
    The rectangular blocks are perfect for either straight edges with sharp or angular corners, or in contrast, long sweeping curves.
    Concrete pavers are durable and are available in a wide range of colours that can be choosen to complement the surrounding environment ...Colours present in the properties brickwork, or roof tiles, for example.

  • Granite Setts Natural Stone Block Edging
    Granite Setts - Natural Stone Blocks

    Granite setts are the ideal solution where a strong, durable paving or border needs to retain it's natural beauty to suit the location.
    Commonly seen in town centres and shopping areas due to their longevity and resiliance to heavy traffic, these natural stones are also an eye-catching feature in a rural setting. The residents of a private road maintained by ESC regularly complained about the unsightly Tarmac speed humps. That is until they were replaced by traffic calming that was much more 'in keeping', pictured above.

  • Bull-nosed and flat-top PCC kerb edging
    PCC Edging Kerbs

    PCC (pre-cast concrete) kerb edgings are practical, relatively quick to lay, and able to withstand light to medium traffic.
    Most commonly used to contain large driveways and to border long paths, PCC kerbs come in several variants:
    Flat-top, round-top, bull-nosed and several decorative versions such as Marshalls 'Contour' 'Corinthian and 'rope top' some of which are available in a range of colours.

  • Treated Timber Wooden Path Edgings
    Treated Timber - Wooden Edgings

    For pesdestrian use such as pathways, pressure treated wooden slats secured by stakes can be an acceptable and cost effective option. When bordering a lawn, timber can give a softer, more natural appearence than pre-cast concrete kerbing.
    The above picture also shows the use of reclaimed railway sleepers which form part of the supporting structure of this disability entrance ramp .
    Sleepers can be used to contain Tarmacadam and gravel areas, create car-park borders, flowers beds, and even form steps and can look especially attracive if used in a rural environment.