Red Tarmac Driveway shadow

Coloured Tarmac - Red, Green, Blue...

Coloured Tarmac offers an attractive alternative to the usual black tarmacadam and asphalt surfaces.
Typical applications are domestic driveways, sports surfaces and commercial paving.

Tarmac Limited now offer a range of Mastertint coloured tarmacadam and asphalt products to suit every needand can even mix 'designer' colours including 'clear-mac' with a transparent binder to allow the natural colour of the aggregate to become an eye-catching feature. Due to the additional skills required to lay coloured tarmac, ESC have been awarded a certificate of competance by Tarmac Limited who have also added us to their approved contractors list.

Alternatives available to colour existing tarmac surfaces include specialist bitumen paints and rejuvenation treatments. These improve the appearence, and also act to seal and protect vulnerable 'older' surfaces, increasing longevity.

Red Coloured Tarmac Driveway - Mastertint

Red Tarmac Drive Mastertint Red Coloured Driveway Driveway Rejuvination Spray Bituminous Tarmac Paint Sports Surface Coloured Paint Completed Tennis Court Surface Colouring

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